Brain Map

It's my very first sensible entry though. Nah. I guess not. XD
So, to cut the long story short I just tried to make my very own Brain Map here.

In which I got the following: hentai (pervert), ai (love), nou (worries), and himitsu (secret).
Quite accurate though... except for the pervy part. Lol.

Writer's Block: Friends forever
I guess I did. Well, most of us had experienced having imaginary friends right? Though mine didn't last for long. I guess my imaginary friends galore lasted until before my baby brother was born. Hehe.

Though, I must be honest that I really miss talking to my imaginary friends. Haha. Well, seriously, I still wanna go and have a chat with them. Thing is, they don't come out anymore.
Did you have imaginary friends growing up?

Writer's Block: Daylight Saving Time
I would probably spend it by studying the Japanese language. :)
What would you do with your time if you had one more hour in the day?


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